Best places to visit in Ibiza

Best places to visit in Ibiza

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Summertime is the best time all year round and most people look forward to spending an amazing time during summer. Summertime is the most perfect time to have fun and be crazy about all things this world has to offer after all you only leave once. If you are planning to have the best time this summer then you must try spending your summer in Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most beautiful cities during summer as it has the best sunsets ever seen in the world. In case you are wondering what are the best places to visit in Ibiza then not to worry because in this article we have reviewed some of the amazing places in Ibiza. Ibiza has a lot to offer other than the normal parties and clubs. It has amazing deep blue waters for sailing and diving, amazing natural beaches, beautiful culture that you have to experience and a lot more to offer.

Nothing shows and explains the culture of a place than national museums that show all the history of a place. Ibiza has a national museum that shows the history of the small Island and its contemporary art. The museum is not as exquisite as the Vatican City museum but it is never the less breathtaking. The museum harbors the marvelous art pieces of one of the most prolific painters in Ibiza ‘Antoni Mari Ribas’. The museum showcases temporary exhibits and the most recent one is the LOEWE fashion house which gets to show to the world their cloth line. The museum is beautifully constructed with glass floors laid over an archeological site making it have the most fantastic and great creations.

Dalt Vila
Dalt Vila means upper town and this is Ibiza’s old town as is built on a hill surrounded by ancient walls and looking out to sea. If you want a slice of ancient and old towns then this is the perfect place to visit. The town has numerous winding cobbled streets that give you that ancient feeling when you walk down the street. This roads wind up and lead to the cathedral at the top of the hill. Believe it or not, the main gateway to the old town is by a ramp and through an old drawbridge that makes you feel like you are starring in one of the ancient movies or traveling back in time to the early 1500s. The views on top of the hill are the most spectacular views that you have ever seen and they will surely leave you breathless. Dalt Vila is a fascinating town to wonder of in the evening and enjoy the cool fresh air.

Café del Mar
This café became famous during the 1980s because of its amazing food and chill-out music. This sounds like a cliché especially with Ibiza being a party city and people clubbing over the loud music, but the café del Mar is one of the chill places. If you are looking for a perfect spot to have a nice cocktail and listen to cool music and have a conversation with your friends then this is the perfect spot for you. The café overlooks the sea and it has one of the most fantastic sunsets that glaze over the sea and leave you breathless. This is a definite place to hang out at least once when in Ibiza.

Es Vedra
This is a rocky and uninhabited Island just off the southwest of Ibiza, the Island stands at 413 m high. This magnificent Island is known for its mythological history that most of the locals believe in. it is believed to be the birthplace of the Phoenician goddess Tanit. Also, most folks believe it was the home to the sea nymphs and sirens that tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. Mythology aside, this Island is the third most magnetic place on earth and it’s almost like the Bermuda triangle in terms of magnetic forces. Other than all the mythology and quantum physics involved on that Island one thing is for sure is that this Island is stunning and the perfect spot to take some amazing photos and see the most amazing sunsets. This area of Ibiza is a great location to stay if you want be just outside of San Antonio, consider renting a villa in the region.

Aquarium Cap Blanc
It is often referred to as the lobster cave as it harbors hundreds of lobsters and sea turtles. The most significant and amazing feature is the fact that this aquarium is the home for all the rescued turtles. The aquarium is one of the interesting places to visit and get to see all types of sea animals ranging from starfish, turtles, colorful fish and sea sponges. Another amazing and unique feature is that this aquarium is actually in a cave, therefore, giving it a one of a kind look.

Ibiza Cathedral
This is probably one of the oldest buildings in this town. The cathedral is located on top of the hill of Dalt Villa which is the old town. The cathedral was constructed in the early 1500s and it offers a historical background of Ibiza town. The buildings architectural structure is out of this world since the steep stairs and hallways are crafted with precision and so much art. This building is perfect and amazing when it comes to learning about ancient history. The most amazing factor is the fantastic and stunning view of the city from up the cathedral. This surely pays up for the tiresome and steep stairs you have to climb to get to that fascinating spot at the top of the cathedral.

Cala D’en Serra cove
This is the most fascinating place in Ibiza with little fishing huts and an abandoned hotel that will give you that serene, calm experience away from the crowds and party. The waters here are blue and calm perfect for fishing.

Ibiza is not all about partying and clubbing it has a lot to offer and many interesting things to see. Make sure you see it all and have the time of your life with friends and family.
Have a blast!

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