How To Choose The Right Cargo Box

How To Choose The Right Cargo Box

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Thule Cargo Box

When you are planning a vacation or road trip it’s bound to happen that sometimes you will have more people and luggage than your car can accommodate. This is where the cargo boxes come in. Let’s face it traveling, road trips and camping can be very tedious and uncomfortable if you have all the camping gears and toys all over your business. Instead of fighting over who gets to sit where to avoid being crouched by the many bags you have, you can easily get yourself a cargo box to pack your extra luggage. The cargo boxes have an advantage in ensuring that your car is less cluttered and that it has enough space for everyone. Imagine traveling for miles with your feet up because of the many bags lying on the floor, pretty uncomfortable right? You can avoid all this and have an amazing road trip or vacation by finding the right cargo box for you and your family.
Cargo boxes are of two types the roof racks and the hitch carriers.

Roof racks
Roof racks are designed to be attached to the roof of your car and SUVs and they are the most adaptable in carrying extra luggage –  see the Thule cargo box above as an example. They can be easily attached to the roof of your vehicle as they consist of a base roof rack that mounts to the vehicle and crossbars to attach specialty carriers. Hitch carriers, on the other hand, consist of a platform that is secured to the vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver.
• No need for extra tail or stop lights
• Has a cargo capacity of 200 pounds
• Great for items that have long or odd dimensions like skis, kayaks, and canoes
• They are the most versatile solution and have a large number of specialty carriers
• They are more stable and secure
• They don’t block the rear access
• Access to roof carriers may be high up and a bit difficult to reach on large vehicles
• They are compatible with tracks since the cab is not large enough to mount on the base rack
• They tend to cause an increase in wind resistance thus lowering the fuel economy

For more information on choosing the right product, check out Travelbusy’s cargo box reviews.

Hitch carriers
The hitch carriers are designed to carry extra luggage ranging from fishing rods, baskets to bike carriers. Since the hitch carriers block the tail lights of your vehicle they are fitted with lights and license plate mounts – see Rhino racks as an example.
• Good access to gear regardless of the size of your vehicle
• They are compatible with trucks
• Has a cargo capacity of 200 pounds
• Has a rectangular shape which offers a good flexibility for cargo storage
• They do not impact fuel economy since they are positioned at the back of the car
• They can block the tail lights and license plates of your vehicle hence requiring extra lights
• Requires a trailer hitch receiver
• Large cargos like canoes, kayaks can’t fit in the hitched trailer

Here are some features to consider when looking for the perfect cargo box;

The shape of the cargo box
The shape of the cargo box is essential as it influences the wind resistance and fuel economy. There are different shapes for the cargo box. Getting a sleek and aerodynamic cargo box will decrease the wind resistance. As compared to getting a cargo box which is square or rectangle as this will increase the drag. The perfect shape of a cargo box makes it ideal when traveling in rainy and windy areas.

Size and cargo box capacity
Choosing the correct size of your cargo box is very crucial. Always aim at getting the right size that is compatible with your vehicle. Also, ensure that you get a cargo box that does not hang off the rear side of your car as this will cause problems when opening and closing your cargo box lid. Cargo boxes are available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Getting the correct size of a cargo box depends on the amount of luggage you have and the size of your car. For safety, it is recommended that you always ensure that your cargo boxes are in compliance with cargo securement safety rules.

Vehicle compatibility
Make sure you know the features of your car before getting a cargo box. Most cars are compatible with different types of cargo boxes but it will not cost you if you double checked your car features first. Small cars are usually compatible with small and shorter cargo boxes as this makes it easier for you to get your luggage from the cargo box. Always check with the manufacturer so that you familiarize yourself with the type of cargo box suitable for your model car. Most vehicles are fitted with crossbars to mount a roof rack and it is best if you get the correct size of the cargo box.

Frequency of use
If you are planning to use your cargo box more frequently then finding one that can be easily mounted in the roof is not that big of a deal. As compared to if you are going to use the cargo box once in a blue moon finding the one that can be easily unmounted from your car should be of utmost importance. Always have in mind that it is not recommended to drive around with an empty cargo box due to damage by wind especially at high speed. If you are planning on leaving your cargo box mounted to your car for a long time then you need to find the best-suited cargo box for that. It should have great handles and have an ergonomic design that is easy to open and close in case of need.

A cargo box should be able to serve you for a long period of time. You don’t want to be buying cargo boxes each time you want to travel or go on a road trip. Finding a durable cargo box made from long-lasting material should be of utmost importance. Also, make sure you get one that will be able to withstand all the weather changes and protect your luggage from rain and hot weather.

Ensure that you have the correct cargo box to load your entire traveling luggage. Make your vacation fun by ensuring that you have everything you need and set out on a great adventure.
All the best!

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