Gift Your Children A Truly Adventurous Holiday At Niue

Gift Your Children A Truly Adventurous Holiday At Niue

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Gold Coast theme parks. Fijian resorts with ‘Kids Clubs’. Ski slopes in Queenstown and Ruapehu. Sound familiar? They’re classic Kiwi family holidays and it’s likely you’ve done at least one of them yourself. Squarely on the beaten track. Fun, sure – there’s a reason these holidays are popular – but they don’t offer much variety in the way of excitement, adventure, or surprises.

Lately there’s been an emerging trend for families looking to give their kids a different kind of vacation. One that involves less shopping and lounging, more caving and diving. If you want a truly adventurous experience of discovery that can be shared and cherished for years to come, you want to visit Niue.

A World Away…

Niue is all about adventure. Not of the roller-coaster-riding, bungy-jumping variety, but rather once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can swim with whales. You can catch mahi-mahi and Pacific barracuda 100 metres off shore. Dive or snorkel with dolphins and turtles in impossibly clear water. Hike through virgin rainforest or rugged coastline.

Imagine how magical this would be!

As a raised coral atoll, Niue’s geography is like no other. Its cave systems are among the most spectacular and extensive in the South Pacific, both above and below water. The island is made entirely of porous limestone, so it has no lakes or streams, which means that rain quickly filters through the island into the sea below, creating exceptionally clear water to swim or dive in.

Niue is a snorkelers paradise (and very safe for the kids too)

You won’t find miles of pristine white-sand beaches here, but you won’t find thousands of lazing beach-goers, either. If you explore a little, you’ll find a gorgeous private beach where the odds of other tourists invading your space are pretty much zero …but close to home

Though Niue feels a world away from New Zealand, it’s surprisingly close to home. The flight time is just over three hours – a relative hop, skip and jump. The two countries are 23 time zones apart, which of course feels like only one hour to your body. All of this is great if you’re traveling with kids as you won’t have to deal with in-flight boredom or jet lag. Plus, they use the New Zealand dollar as currency, so five bucks here is five bucks there.

Send Dad out fishing for the day!

The island is virtually crime-free, so you can relax and let the kids wander off a little. It’s a great chance to give your kids – and yourself – some freedom and the chance to explore and grow and learn in the process.

Making Memories

Ten years from now when you’re flipping through family photo books, will you be looking back fondly at that day you spent in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast or that fast-food hamburger you ate at the food court? Or will you feel a surge of pride when you see photos of your kids swimming with sea turtles and biking through tropical forests?

Join Tali’s Cave Tour & explore some of Niue’s impressive underground caverns

All vacations are memorable, but you’ll remember Niue for more than just the scenery. Bring a solid pair of shoes, sun protection, and a sense of adventure: you’re going to need it.

Dare to be different this year. Visit Niue and create truly memorable moments with your kids that they’ll carry with them for life. Who knows, they might even learn something – and whether they show it or not, they’ll truly appreciate it.

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